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Want to grow your business? Why you want to leave Facebook…

facebook4732-270x167I speak to many people about how it can be difficult to setup a small business or shared interest group on Facebook. I quickly reply, “That’s because they want you to pay. It won’t be free forever” I get baffled looks and people ask for more about this ‘not free Facebook’ I talk of. I generally give an example.

“Did you know when you post an update from a group or page not all of your followers see it?” I get inquisitive looks back. I continue…

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Demystifying Digital Stategy


Many people ask me how do you define your Digital Strategy?  Well cliche I know, but it depends…

Who is the ‘your’? Are you a large corporation governed by standards and regulations? Are you a small charity and you don’t think you need any digital strategy? Are you a business owner and don’t have the time or think it’s important?  Well here’s some thoughts on  this area. One digital strategy does not fill all types of business, sizes or organisations or industry areas. Customising and applying a best approach is what’s required.

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All about ‘My Cup of Tea’

It’s a play on words. ‘My Cup of Char’ refers to the old British English expression of ‘My Cup of Tea, a phrase for something or someone you like. ‘Char’ short for my first name Charlotte, also was British slang for the herb ‘Chaa’ that tea originated from. But enough of tea history.

Charlotte is a tea-loving British female solo traveller, working when she needs to and no longer working to live,  after quitting the corporate rat race in 2011.

‘My Cup of Char’ showcases her professional talents, to enable her to fund her continued travels and her passions for the things she loves to do.