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What would you do to change the world?

I’m a winner! Back in November I applied to the Vodafone’s World of Difference UK programme. Every year they sponsor people to donate themselves and experience for a charity of their choice. Out of thousands of applicants I was one of the 500 people chosen to work for their dream charity.

I’ll be working for Nukanti Foundation for Children, it’s an independent international non-profit organization, devoted to investing in education, empowerment and leadership skills, and hope for children, particularly in communities devastated by violence, poverty and armed conflict.

You can read about the charity here: http://www.nukantifoundation.org/

Now if you could use your skills to good use? What would you do to change the world. Check this video for some more inspiration: http://youtu.be/6WzRtWb70Qs


A bit of ‘NetHope’ for women in IT, in the developing world

I was on NetHope’s web site reading about their latest work and came across this great new initiative that NetHopeAnita Borg Institute and Accenture have joined forces to create.

It is all about connecting women with other women through IT who work in IT, from the ‘Western world’ to the ‘Developing world’.  Love it, and I have registered my interest in becoming a mentor.

As I progressed through my IT career, I didn’t do it without the support of others around me and strong mentors.

Unfortunately or well fortunately, as my personal career mentors have been fantastic and still are, most of them have been male. It’s a male dominated industry, IT! But on the occasion a female role model came along, I would take up the chance to discuss and pick their brains on how they got to where they were and how they did it.

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All about ‘My Cup of Tea’

It’s a play on words. ‘My Cup of Char’ refers to the old British English expression of ‘My Cup of Tea, a phrase for something or someone you like. ‘Char’ short for my first name Charlotte, also was British slang for the herb ‘Chaa’ that tea originated from. But enough of tea history.

Charlotte is a tea-loving British female solo traveller, working when she needs to and no longer working to live,  after quitting the corporate rat race in 2011.

‘My Cup of Char’ showcases her professional talents, to enable her to fund her continued travels and her passions for the things she loves to do.